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Lap Spays

Minimally invasive keyhole surgery

Laparoscopic Spays

One of our most frequently performed surgeries at Taverham Vets is the laparoscopic spay. This is a keyhole surgery that uses state-of-the-art, minimally invasive equipment. A lap spay involves inserting a camera and specialist instruments into the body wall via two very small incisions, which allows for maximum precision and minimum trauma. This enables the surgeon to remove the ovaries without the need to open the abdomen.

Having this type of surgery performed laparoscopically is beneficial to your pet in many ways;

  • Can significantly reduce post operative pain and discomfort
  • Enhanced field of view enabling a thorough examination of the abdomen
  • Minimal tissue injury at the time of surgery    
  • Aid a more rapid recovery
  • Remove the need for skin stitches
  • Smaller surgical wounds
  • Less risk of post operative complications


All patients are sent home with pain relief and a medical pet shirt to ensure their comfort and prevent wound interference. 

A free of charge postoperative check is included, 3 days post surgery.

We will advise that you restrict exercise to short lead walks until after the first post operative check, we will then advise an exercise plan to gradually increase back to normal activity.

We are available 24/7, 365 for any queries.

If you are registered with another veterinary practice and choose to have your bitch spayed laparoscopically at Taverham Vets we will send your pets full medical notes to your vets following surgery.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are registered with another veterinary practice and would like your pet to be spayed laparoscopically at Taverham Vets we will require your pets medical history to be sent prior to the surgery date