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Confidence Clinics

We understand that vet visits can be worrying for some pets and these anxieties may cause some pets to act differently in the veterinary environment. The aim of the confidence clinics here at Taverham Vets is to provide appointments where your dog can work on their fears and anxieties in a controlled environment within the practice setting, with the goal of making vet visits a positive experience.

The frequency of the appointments can be adapted to suit your dog’s individual needs, as well as suiting your schedule. We usually recommend appointments are booked at 2-4 week intervals.  

During the 1st appointment, the nurse will carry out an assessment of your dog to ensure the clinics are going to be beneficial. You will fill in a questionnaire, answering questions about your dog such as their main fears/anxieties and whether any specific events initiated the fear. You will be able to have a discussion with the nurse and together set a target for what you would like to achieve from the clinics. This could be generally being more relaxed at the practice overall or working towards being comfortable with injections such as annual vaccinations. The number of appointments attended has no limit and therefore can continue until your dog has achieved their goals or continue on a less frequent basis to touch base and maintain a positive experience at the practice. In some cases, a behaviourist may be recommended, as their expertise may be more appropriate to help get the best result for your dog.  

For more details and to join our waiting list contact;

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